Day 1: Intro, have to start somewhere

Desteni tools can turn a rock into a diamond, if applied and lived consistently, I know, I have tasted bits of it, yet somewhere down the road, I lost myself and walked out of the desteni group, for reasons which could define the purpose of this writing blog. Who am I is the question and answer,  always, the outcast, the fearful, the real dead as myself, yet looking for others to accept me, include me etc, but never really looking into the very nature of who I am, to correct myself. That’s the mistake of my first journey to life, in this second attempt, my focus will be me, the who I am. I cannot blame others for outcasting me, for this or that, everyone has their own deep seated mind programmings, from which they could act this way or that way, I have no control over that, but I have control over my own programming to correct myself. I will walk this writing process anonymously, there is really no need to show my face, also for professional reasons, yet this will be a public blog for anyone who may find it useful. I am not the only outcasted fearful one in this world.

I am grateful for all those who assisted and supported me in my first attempt within the desteni group context, this time however I have to walk this alone, its just way to easy to activate the outcast pattern again, until I correct it, sadly, this is the way to walk.

I commit myself to write, to make it a regular part of my life, I realize if the tools are not applied and lived, they are useless.



All the keys are here.



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