Day 5: why write

Writing in the mornings help I find, it sets the tone for the day, kind of puts in me in touch with myself. I can’t explain what’s with up writing, but definitely it does something to me, may be a moment of self-time, may be it’s a physical act where mind/body/being all three come together, something for sure, and why do I want to deny this gift to myself? why do I want to postpone? sometimes I have lots of excuses, simply nothing to write about, or what others will think of my writing, my boring writing, here I have to remind myself this is an anonymous blog, this is my own space to write, rite, rant, rave, forgive, without entertaining “what others may think”, which is my own fear talking.  So relax, unwind in this space, direct the words, dissect the patterns I have been living, forgive myself, and share, this is truly a space and gift I can only give to myself. Wanting to write for any ‘show and tell’ would certainly defeat the purpose of self-writing. Sharing is cool, that’s how others will learn about basic desteni tools. Many of us are living zombies, living in fear, constant fear, living irresponsible lives, always ditching, dismissing responsibility, unless there is a direct profit, the race to make life a profitable one, in that no regard or respect for anyone unless there is a profit. Bernard has some cool words to say about that.  Ok, its a short blog today, I forgive myself for looking for excuses why I can’t write regularly, I forgive myself allowing what “others may think” influence my writing, as if I am writing to ‘show and tell’, this is crazy, how can it help me to correct myself if things are done to ‘show and tell’. I stop the urge with myself to ‘show and tell’. I write here, simply looking at my own mind, my own creations, I realize there is a lot of shit I have allowed in my life, this I can dissect, discuss, write about, this is self’s journey to life, in my case dead man’s journey to life, as I have been a living dead for so long, now crossing 50 year mark, at last time to rise from the dead. to be continued. I allow myself, I commit myself to give this gift of writing to myself. come what may.

all the keys are here, undeniable.


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