Day 15: The profitable life

Already expecting a particular not so nice experience to unfold today, why is this? I mean if I walk into a place carrying certain thoughts, chances are I am likely to experience them, as thoughts are not just fleeting things like thin air, thoughts have energies, so resonantly others pick up whatever I am thinking about them, et voila, I am already setting in-motion the creation of an experience I do not wish to happen. This is not about positive thinking, instead of carrying loads of pre-judgement about a situation or people, I walk in humbleness, in emptiness of mind, just breathing and walk in. Chances are the said experience is likely to happen, as ‘those people’ and ‘their mind patterns’ wouldn’t have changed overnight, generation by generation, certain global mind conscious system patterns have passed on, so not likely suddenly all things will be hunky dory just because I walked in without any thoughts, BUT, if I do walk in with all my thoughts and energies, things can ONLY be worse, as I have effectively removed any chances of a new creation, not giving any chance for others to co-create some new experience with me, as I am hell-bent on locking them down into the prison of my judgments.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that today is going to be no so nice because ‘they’ will do same thing and I will end up experiencing something not so nice, not seen/realizing I am already expecting, anticipating, and setting in-motion the wheels of creation to be like that, so I am a co-creator of what I wish not experience.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to lock down people into a prison of my judgement based on what has happened in the past, not seeing/realizing I am keeping the past alive and therefore allowing it to repeat into present and future. Holding the past down is the power I am giving to it, to repeat itself. Chances are yes the fucked up humanity is likely to repeat its evil behaviors BUT I am not giving them any chance whatsoever by locking them down in the prison of my mind.  What is required is understanding, that their behavior is not personal, it’s mostly survival oriented, profit oriented, I mean have I not done this myself? have I not done things just for profit? just to have a profitable life? have I never ever done anything like that? answer is pretty clear to me, million times I may have made the choice that’s more profitable to me, more desirable to me, more happy to me, i.e more ‘positive’ to me.

there are basically 3 groups of experiences: positive, neutral and negative, the positive being the most profitable one, everyone wants a positive experience because it’s the most profitable, gives the highest energy high to the mind, similar to how money-profit makes us feel good. So in this not so desirable ‘neutral’ or ‘negative’ experiences and the people who create them are dismissed like a plague. Have I not done this, not dismiss people like a plague because they dont’ give me that positive feeling? have I not despise the neutral and negative feelings they create in me?

so this it, everyone is globally conditioned to seek the highest positive feeling, the greatest profit, and those who are not profit-giving are dismissed like a plague. this is a pattern, not personal, but if I hold onto any past experiences I am only allowing this pattern to continue even more, giving it the power to recreate again and again.

I have to be the change I wish to see in this world, when will I see all as equals beyond what experience I get from them?

I commit myself to remind myself that living a profitable life is not equality, constantly looking for this positive high and dismissing the so-called neutral and the negative experiences and the people who I think are creating those experiences in me is not equality. Equality and profit seeking can’t go hand in hand.

So walk into this day, with an empty mind, no thoughts, no energies, at least giving a chance for something new, well that’s the first step, the next is me not seeking a profitable life, not dividing people and situations as positive, neutral, or negative in that dismissing anyone who is not profitable to me.

all the keys are here:


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